Find the Confidence you need with an LSAT Prep Course

You worked hard at maintaining a great GPA. Those years of work would be a complete waste, if your LSAT scores aren’t up to par with your GPA. The Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) is used by most colleges along with your GPA to determine your admission into their college. The better your score, the more likely you are to be accepted. In fact, the test is so important that the University of Massachusetts Amherst‘s pre-law website implies that hanging on to the hope that other parts of your application will counter a bad LSAT score and earn your acceptance into law school is not a wise decision.

Why is this test so important? The Law School Admission Council (LSAC) created the LSAT in order to make sure that students are prepared for law school. According to LSAC, the test measures necessary skills for law school students including:

  • the understanding of complex language in writing,
  • the ability to review and process information in a way that allows the information to be used effectively,
  • critical thinking skills, and
  • the ability to study and review arguments presented by others in a constructive way.

LSAT preparation is the key to having a good LSAT score; in fact, the benefits of taking an LSAT prep course are well-documented and experts agree that preparation is the key to keeping scores high and anxiety low. Many prospective law school students find it beneficial to use a test preparation service in order to reach their fullest potential. Working with an LSAT instructor will help ensure that you are prepared for the exam, which will greatly impact your acceptance into law school. The instructors at Toronto’s Quantum Test Prep, for example, hire only instructors with years if not decades of experience and who themselves scored in the top percentile. This ensures that the instructors know the test inside and out. This will help you to be more relaxed and less anxious, which will improve overall performance.

Quantum offers a series of flexible courses from the 10 hour LSAT reading comprehension course, to the 20 hour analytical reading package to the 20 hour course on logical reasoning and argument. Preparation services and classes are often offered on weekends, for the convenience of the students and some of the better preparation services even offer free repeat courses if you are not satisfied with your experience.

The LSAT is nothing to fear, if you know what to plan for. According to LSAC, The LSAT is standardized, which means the test always has the same content and format. Test preparation breaks down the parts of the exam into manageable pieces so that you are not overwhelmed, and because you are well prepared, your scores will be higher.

Some LSAT preparation services allow you to work in small groups and offer courses and workshops with an experienced LSAT instructor, allowing students substantial time to work with the instructor. There are also webinars and information sessions available through Quantum which ensure you get the most from your prep courses. Look for upcoming webinars on campuses across Ontario including Wilfrid Laurier University to learn more


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